- The Platform

IDeaLs is a research platform pioneering new ways to engage people to make innovation happen.

In our search for meaningful innovation, we will develop new insights and tools that leverage the power of design and digital technologies.

IDeaLs brings science into action. It joins leading organizations, thought leaders and researchers to create tools that spark change and deliver impact.

- Our Manifesto

Innovation as Meaning

People are motivated by a sense of «purpose».

When innovation seeks new meaning,
people become more engaged.

Design as Engagement

People are engaged when they co-create intentions and objects. “Engagement” is engaging and “being engaged”.

Design Thinking offers powerful ways to call people into action, by anchoring them into the making of things.

Leadership as Community

Innovation is a collective act of forging a new shared direction. Leadership is a diffused practice.

“Leadership” is not “leader” and is not “leading”. Each individual is concerned with leadership. 

As our research indicates, in an increasingly complex world overcrowded by information and ideas, engaging people is the biggest hurdle in any innovation journey.

- Our Approach

We investigate how to discover and nurture organizational contexts where individuals can innovate not only by engaging with others in sharing a personal purpose, but also by being engaged by others’ in the creation of a shared innovative and meaningful direction.

IDeaLs’ partners are active members in collaborative research using digital technologies to:

IMAGINE: key research question;

RESEARCH: frameworks to inform our approach;

PROTOTYPE: tools in collaborative experiments;

LEARN: through analytics to activate change ;

TRANSFORM: organizations by applying the research;

- What is going on?